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Beluga Origami
Blue Whale - Instructions
Blue Whale - Pattern
Boat Building Challenge
California Coastal Creatures Word Search
California Coastal Creatures Word Search
Dolphins Word Search
Endangered Species Word Search
Goldfish Origami - SeaWorld
Gray Whale Word Search
Make Your Own Compass
Motion From The Ocean
Ocean Care Origami
Ocean Diversity Challenge
Penguin Origami - SeaWorld
Tied Knots
Whale Food Word Search
Whale Origami
Whale Origami #2
Whale Origami #3 - SeaWorld
Whale Word Search


"Deadliest Catch" Seamen Say Fishermen Not Greedy
Aiming for a Perfect Shot
Basking Shark - North CountyTimes - 04/23/2011
Big Sur doesn't disappoint the "CHUBASCO"
Dolphin Appears To Rescue Whales
Fishery Experts Forecast Banner Salmon Season
Great Way To Fish Monterey
Randy's Press Release - 04/03/2008
School Alliance Press Release

Coloring Sheets

Beaked Whale
Blue Whale
Coloring Book Cover
Common Dolphin
Dall's Porpoise
Gray Whale
Humpback Whale
Killer Whale
Minke Whale
Northern Right Whale Dolphin
Pacific Whitesided Dolphin
Risso's Dolphin
Sperm Whale


Canary vs. Vermillion Identification
Fish Card
Fish Identification - 2009
Guide To Central Coast Beach Fishing
Marine Bait Identification
Measurement Methods
Shelf Rockfish
Slope Rockfish
Surf Perch Identification
White Sea Bass Brochure

Fact Sheets

Bairds Beaked Whale
Blue Whale
Bottlenose Dolphin
California Sea Lion
Common Dolphin
Cuviers Beaked Whale
Dalls Porpoise
Dolphins Porpoise
Endangered Species Act 1973
Fin Whale
Gray Whale
Green Sea Turtle
Harbor Porpoise
Harbor Seal
Humpback Whale
Killer Whale
Leatherback Turtle
Marine Mammal Protection Act 2007
MBA SeafoodWatch WestCoastGuide
Minke Whale
Mmpa Factsheet
Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey Bay Marine Mammal Spotting Guide
Northern Elephant Seal
Ocean Etiquette Card
Pacific White Sided Dolphin
Pilot Whale
Rissos Dolphin
Sea Otter
Sei Brydes Whales
Sperm Whale
Steller Sea Lion
Whaleparts Baleen
Whaleparts Toothed
Wildlife Watching Handbook
Wildlife Watching Handbook NOAA Draft




Brochure - 2008
Freshcatchdeal Cafefina Domemicos
GreatWayToFishMonterey 06172009Herald
Guide To Central Coast Beach Fishing DFG
Logo ColorBookImage
Marine Bait Id DFG
Marine Mammal Spotting Guide
Measurement Methods DFG
Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey Bay Marine Mammal Spotting Guide
Randys Press Release 040308
Randyschoolflyer2008 2009
School Alliance Press Release
Shelf Rockfish DFG
Slope Rockfish DFG
Surf Perch Id DFG
Wordsearch Endangered Species


Pan Fried Sand Dabs
Poached Salmon Asian Style
Preparing Whole Dungeness Crab At Home
Rock Cod Recipe
White Sea Bass Broiled